Nostromo Studio Model Restoration Project

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The visual effects sequences for ALIEN were shot at Bray Studios in 1978. After production wrapped, the majority of the assets from the film were sent to FOX Studios in Los Angeles. FOX subsequently discarded many of the ALIEN assets, and some were given a second life when they were used for a Halloween show in Burbank, CA. Due to its significant size, the Nostromo spent the next two decades of its life outdoors, sheltered from the elements by plastic tarps. During this time period it suffered some damage from the elements – rain and sun have taken their toll over the years. Around 2000, the Nostromo was moved to the shop of renowned LA effects company KNB where it was well looked after by Greg Nicotero and Howard Berger with a view to begin restoration.

The Prop Store of London acquired the Nostromo in 2007, with a plan to stabilize the model and give it a light cosmetic restoration, in order to bring the model back to its former glory. The majority of the structure was intact, and with the model were bags of pieces that had fallen or broken off over the years. In April 2009 the Nostromo was moved again, this time to Grant McCune Design, where the restoration is currently taking place. Grant McCune has been in the same facility since 1976, when he led the model team through the groundbreaking effects on Star Wars. The facility later housed Apogee Effects, well-known for projects like Battlestar Galactica. When Apogee disbanded, McCune started GMD out of the same space.

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