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Revell Denmark has a website that allows model makers to suggest the next model that they will produce. Scale and difficulty level can also be suggested - and then the model idea is put out to a vote by visitors.

The website is slow, but it's a great idea. You have to create an account to vote or submit ideas, but that's quick and painless.

Below is the "About" from their site, and below that are links to several science fiction model proposals, several submitted by us. Go there and vote!

From the website:

Share your dream!

We receive exciting ideas and suggestions for new models the whole year. Of course we are happy to receive them. But what do the other model makers think of your idea? Do they share your dream? We would like to give your ideas the room they deserve. Use the opportunity to present them to an interested audience!

This platform serves to collect and to evaluate ideas.  All creative and serious ideas are welcome. There are no limits to the varieties of topics. You can present your dream model here in detail with texts and pictures. Do you already have an idea how it can be practically implemented? Which scale would you prefer? Should it be more of a model for beginner model makers or is it an interesting topic for experienced hobbyists?

And of course we are also very interested in what the other uses of this site think of this suggestion. How many of you share this dream?

Don’t have any ideas? Here you can certainly find new motivation or you think the ideas of the other model makers are so exciting that you want to support them. The ideas with the most likes make us especially curious.

We don’t know if your dream will become reality, but we promise that your idea will not be lost here and that we check each one individually.


Ideas submitted by (a.k.a NewPacifica)

Space 1999 Hawk -
Mechwarrior Mad Cat -
Dr Who TARDIS - submitted and awaiting approval

Other notable idea submissions from others:

FA 37 Falcon from 'Stealth" -
Firefly from Serenity -
Classic Walt Disney Nautilus -
Space 1999, 22 inch Eagle -
Raiders of the Lost Ark Flying Wing -

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